Is there a link between allergies and depression?

I recently stumbled across an interesting article (read in full here) linking allergies with depression.
Published by the New York Times News Service, the piece reports that allergy sufferers are twice as likely to develop depression as non-allergy sufferers.

As well as the general feeling of depletion and helplessness brought on by allergies, the reaction itself is said to release cytokines.

These compounds are thought to reduce the body’s levels of serotonin, the happy hormone – leaving us feeling disheartened, or even depressed. Female allergy sufferers are believed to be worst affected.  

The link isn’t necessarily a new one – I myself have previously blogged about the effects of stress on skin allergies.

Episodes of extreme trauma and stress can play out on the skin and cause skin conditions like psoriasis or urticaria either to manifest or flare.

These emotionally-induced flare ups can cause further distress, and spark a vicious cycle in which both our skin and emotional wellbeing deteriorate.

Nip the cycle in the bud, and combat stress through exercise, yoga or maybe even a spot of retail therapy…

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