Is acne the new working woman’s affliction?

As experts in problem skin, we are contacted daily by adult woman troubled with a traditionally “teenage” plight – acne.

Fantastic, then, to see Edwina Ings-Chambers raise the profile of the growing issue in last week’s Sunday Times Style.

In particular, Edwina highlights the role stress plays in not only causing breakouts, but turning breakouts into ongoing acne cycles:

“clients often experience adult acne very suddenly as a result of stress. This stress causes people to eat the wrong foods, drink the wrong liquids and make poor lifestyle choices that include a lack of fitness and relaxation”.

Indeed, as with most skin complaints, while you may be naturally prone to blemishes – diet, lack of activity, and lifestyle choices such as taking the contraceptive pill can all exacerbate the problem.

If you’ve found that your skin has got worse not better as you’ve got older, take a look at my previous post for some skin care tips.

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