Introducing Hello Sunshine our daily SPF30

If there’s one thing we get asked constantly, it’s “When will Pai make an SPF for sensitive skin?”. We totally get it – when it comes to sensitive skin, often the last thing you want to do each morning is load it with an SPF that might cause a reaction.

Sarah our Founder always felt like she had to choose between having calm, happy skin or giving it the broad spectrum protection it needed. Nothing out there could do both for her easily-irritated skin. That’s why we got to work creating our very own, and we’re thrilled to announce it’s here, Hello Sunshine!

In order for it to be suitable for everyone to use, we had to patch test for eczema-prone and sensitive skin. And because we wanted every shade and type of skin to love it too – whitening or greasiness wasn’t an option.

Hello Sunshine uses non-nano sized Zinc Oxide mineral particles which unlike Titanium Dioxide leaves no white cast on the skin and gives better protection too. What else is in there? Only good stuff. Our COSMOS Natural sensitive skin SPF also includes…

Pongamia Extract
It naturally boosts the product’s UVA and UVB properties while also moisturising skin.

Cotton Extract
AKA Gossypium Herbaceum, this clever multi-functional ingredient helps protect skin oxidative damage caused by UVA, UVB, Infra-red and Visible radiation.

Organic Jojoba Oil
Soothes and softens skin and can resist oxidation caused by high temperatures.

Vanilla Extract & Mandarin Essential Oil
We chose these soft scents as they’re non-photosensitising, so don’t cause reactions when exposed to sunlight.


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