Inside & out Sensitive Skin Treatments at Content

London’s natural beauty and wellbeing emporium, Content Beauty has launched a brand new Skin Nutrition Treatment, combining expert nutrition with organic skincare.

Our Marketing Manager, Nicola went along to try it out…

I’ve pretty much had eczema my whole life – covering me from head to toe as a baby, easing off at secondary school, and coming back with a vengeance when I started university.

It’s one of the reasons I wanted to work for Pai.

As well as access to amazing products that I know are working with my skin rather than against it, I also now have a deeper understanding of why my skin acts up.

Sarah and our incredible customer service team of skin specialists have instilled me with their knowledge, as have an inspirational host of wellbeing experts across London.

For me, Imelda Burke and her team at Content are among the best – with an incredible wealth of advice and vast range of products to keep you in their Marylebone store for hours.

So, when I heard Content had launched new Skin Nutrition Treatments combining express facials with nutrition consultations – I was dying to try them out…”

The Treatment

Combining the best from the worlds of nutrition and organic beauty, the 75minute session consists of a nutritional overview and an express facial tailored to your skin type.

They’re really aimed at people who are struggling with their skin – whether it’s something that’s recently cropped up, or a condition you’ve been battling for a while.

There are three treatments to choose from: Skin Clear (for spot-prone skin), Skin Soothe (for sensitive and reactive skin – including Eczema and Rosacea), and Skin Nourish (for dry or mature skin).

The Skin Soothe Treatment is built around a 30min Pai Skincare Facial, which combines high-performance products from the retail range with exclusive, professional-use only products for the ultimate skin-calming experience.

To start, the lovely Fay Halkitis talked me through all the wider health and wellbeing factors that can exacerbate eczema – from diet, to stress, to gut health and inflammation.

Each consultation is built around the individual, which is so helpful if you’re having trouble pinpointing your triggers or underlying causes for difficult skin.

While Fay can advise you in all areas of health and wellbeing, she’s really great at not overwhelming you with information – instead suggesting 3 improvements for me to go off and make today, and to build on these foundations from there.

That said, each Treatment also includes lifestyle tips, a shopping list of foods to enjoy and foods to avoid, and a summary of the causative factors of sensitive skin for you to take home and explore in your own time.

After enjoying a deeply relaxing facial which consisted of a double-cleanse, gentle exfoliation and ultra-calming Mask (Fay does an incredible hand and arm massage while it’s on using our Comfrey & Calendula Cody Cream) – I left Content, skin glowing and head full of tips for keeping my skin clear and calm from the inside and out.”

Book a Consultation: Treatments are currently available each Tuesday and Wednesday.

Price: £90 for 75mins.

Booking: By phone on 020 3075 1006 , or email to book an appointment.

For more details, visit here.

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