How to stay healthy over Christmas

Christmas is the time of year that even the most virtuous of us tend to relax our healthy habits – and why not, everyone needs a little indulgence!

Sometimes the excesses of rich food, alcohol and sweet treats can leave us feeling worn down, bloated and not quite at our best.

I’ll have some top health & wellbeing tips to inspire your new years resolutions in January, but for now here are some simple steps to feeling fabulous and festive without having to compromise on too many mince pies!

Stay healthy

The constant rounds of pigs in blankets, brandy butter and mince pies will leave you craving some fresh fruit and vegetable goodness.

If I know there’s going to be a big lunch or dinner ahead, I like try to have a nutrient-packed smoothie for breakfast to make sure I’m getting my vitamin fix. This simple recipe from Hemsley & Hemsley  is great.

I also try to keep up with my Vitamin D supplements and follow these steps if I feel something coming on – there’s nothing else worse than being ill over Christmas!

Get outside

Rather than entering full hibernation mode in front of the fire, wrap up and head out for a walk. Fresh air works wonders for waking you up and a brisk walk will get those feel good endorphins flowing!

Stick to a couple of glasses…

Whilst we all like to indulge in our fair share of mulled wine over Christmas, it’s worth remembering that for sensitive skin sufferers alcohol can cause conditions such as rosacea and urticaria to flare up.

Having a big glass of water after every drink  will go a long way to calming your skin (and head!) the next day.

Do you have any failsafe tips to help your feel your best over the festive period?

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