How to prevent & get rid of Cold Sores

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul.

The most unwanted of all Winter fashion accessories, Cold Sores are extremely common at this time of year. Here are my top tips for keeping them at bay.

I’m currently suffering with my annual Winter Cold Sore, which strikes at the same time of year, every year, without fail.

As I am so familiar with the blighters I have become quite the pro at tackling and getting rid of them as soon as possible! Cold Sores are usually caused by the back end of a cold or the flu, stress, fatigue or exposing skin to extreme weather conditions.

The key is to catch them early.

As soon as you feel that first tingle apply an ice cube directly to the affected area for as long as you can bear it. The shock is supposed to dull the nerve endings & stop the Cold Sore developing (it may be a bit of an Old Wives tale but I find it works for me).

Once you’ve done that, following these Dos and Don’ts should dramatically shorten their lifespan.


Take Lysine supplements. Lysine counteracts Arginine, the amino acid Cold Sores feed off. Foods rich in Lysine include eggs, meat and soybeans.

Avoid foods rich in Arginine, such as nuts, chocolate and caffeine. Many foods contain both, so the trick is to eat foods richer in Lysine than Arginine to knock the latter into submission.

Increase your intake of Vitamin C to help bolster your immune system and accelerate healing time.


Touch the sore, as it encourages the infection to spread. One Cold Sore is bad enough!

Consume alcohol or refined sugar, as both seem to feed the Cold Sore.


On average Cold Sores last for about ten days, but with the right management, you can cut this time in half.

After a while, the Sore will naturally start to dry out and form a scab. It’s best to allow this to fall off naturally, as picking it prematurely can cause long-lasting scarring on the lip membrane.

Once the scab has gone, the area can remain incredibly dry. To get it back to its best apply our ultra-nourishing 100% organic Head To Toe Hero Buriti Balm as required, remembering to wash your hands before each application.

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