How to pick the perfect Lip Balm

We were recently asked by the Beauty Editor of green bible The Ecologist, Ruth Styles, for our guide to the ultimate handbag essential – Lip Balm.

While there are thousands of lip-smacking products on the market, here’s our top tips for selecting the most naturally effective of them all.

The key thing to remember about Lip Balms is that unlike other skincare products, you are almost immediately ingesting the ingredients – so my advice would be to only use a product you’d be happy to eat!

Avoid petrochemicals such as the super-common petrolatum, which have been linked various health concerns and can sensitise the skin.

Beeswax effectively protects against chapping and harsh weather conditions, while butters and vegetable oils provide daily conditioning for soft, supple lips.

Look out for the organic kitemark of the Soil Association to guarantee you’re getting the purest product free from pesticides.

Do try and use Lip Balms sparingly though, as over-applying can actually cause the lips to dry out more quickly in the long run.

If you’re on the market for new Lip Balm love, why not try our Bergamot Organic Lip Balm, which recently picked up a Beauty Shortlist Award for Best Lip Balm!

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