How to detox your makeup bag

We asked natural makeup guru and founder of Content Beauty, Imelda Burke, for her top tips to clean up your makeup bag.


Going organic with your makeup no longer limits you to the terracotta hues of the nineties!

We’re now spoilt for choice with brands like Ilia, Kjaer Weis, Vapour and W3LL People all offering performance combined with great colours and packaging.

What I particularly love about this next generation of cosmetics are the base ingredients – plant oils and butters rather than silicones and mineral oil.

It makes perfect sense to switch up your makeup if you’re already avoiding these ingredients in your skincare.

Remember organic is a growing method so, while the base ingredients may be organic, the mineral colour might not be as it can’t be grown organically as such.

Some brands use synthetic colour to achieve bright colours (typically below 1%), but these can easily be avoided if you prefer, just check with the brand.”

Easy Make Up Swaps

Mineral Powder Foundation

Try the W3LL People Altruist Mineral Powder. It gives a dewy finish rather than the powdery one that puts many people off mineral makeup.


The best foundations make you look like you have great skin – not like you’re wearing foundation.

Vapour Soft Focus Foundation uses a light reflective (mineral) technology to minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

Alternatively, try RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover Up, which is ideal for using just where you need it – start from the centre and work out.


Try the Ilia Lip Collection. There are full-pigmented lipsticks, sheer lip conditioners, crayons and glosses.


W3LL People Mascara has become a cult favourite and it’s about to come in an array of colours too!


Kjaer Weis make a lovely Cream Blush that can be blended into the skin for a hint of natural colour.


A highlighter is the mainstay of any modern make-up bag. I’m never without my RMS Beauty Living Luminzer.


Vapour’s Solar Translucent Bronzers are sheer cream bronzers that are great for those who are new to bronzing – or those afraid of being too heavy handed.

Don’t forget, to get a professional finish it’s all about the condition of the skin, so cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise!

To help the products settle into the skin and give a healthy glowing finish, spritz the skin with a floral mist after makeup application.

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