How to care for oily skin

Oily, blemish-prone skin can be really stressful to manage – especially when it’s prone to sensitivity or redness too.

There’s a minefield of conflicting information out there, but when customers come to me for advice these are the rules I recommend they stick to…


I always stress the importance of skin balance, but this is particularly important when skin is over-producing oil.

Often this is the result of mainstream “oily skin” products that contain irritating detergents such as Sodium Lauyrl Sulpahte (SLS) or Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

These literally strip away all your oils, sending skin into a panic and causing it to produce even more sebum than normal to make up for the deficit.

Basically, the more oil you remove, the more your skin produces – so use a gentle cleanser, a rebalancing toner and a light moisturiser until your skin finds its natural equilibrium.


Embrace oils!

Using an oil on already oily skin can seem seriously counterintuitive – but an intense burst of nourishing omegas can be exactly what your skin needs to restore that clear, healthy glow.

Our Rosehip BioRegnerate Oil is really popular with combination skin types as it effectively helps rebalance oil production.

Following on from point 1, by adding a little oil to your skin you’re essentially telling it that it has enough, and can slow down on the oil production front!

Rosehip is also brilliant for scarring – so will help to diminish the appearance of any marks left by old blemishes.


Look at your diet

A huge amount of skin problems can be traced back to the gut, so it’s always worth looking into your diet.

I’m a big believer in eating a slightly alkaline diet to minimise inflammation and keep skin clear and calm.

Avoiding refined sugar and saturated animal fats will help to steady sebum production (find out why here.)

These should be a great place to start if your skin’s misbehaving at the moment, and remember if you’d like specific advice tailored to you just drop us an email at with all of your questions!

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