How Libra are you? Ruby

Our Limited Edition Christmas gift sets make the perfect presents for each sign. Each week we’ll bring you a typical sign’s go-to products and pointers, so you can see just why their In Your Element Kit is so on-point.

This is Ruby, our Production Assistant, a Libra and Air sign. Got a Pai product on your shelf? Chances are this Air sign made it!
astrology gift set for air signs

Describe your character in five words…

“Laid-back, indecisive, kind, good-listener & empathetic.”

On morning routines

“I like to have a shower to wake myself up, have breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee then off to the gym.”

On bedtime routines

After my drenching my face in Rosehip Oil I like to read or watch a movie before bed.”

On working out

“I love a HIIT class before work to really get the day started”

On star signs

I know that we are supposed to be balanced, fair and stubborn at times?“

On productivity

“I always do the longest tasks first, prioritise and batch tasks together.

On buying gifts

“I’ve always wanted to get a pony, but will also be extremely happy with a puppy. I love shopping for my boyfriend, he is grateful for even the smallest of gifts!”

On Christmas shopping

“By December I’m usually finished, I am too excited so start buying presents in October! Growing up I didn’t love it though, I always remember Christmas shopping with my mum when I was young and I’d literally just turn around and she’d have disappeared off!

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