How do you de-stress?

When customers contact us with queries about inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, rosacea and acne, reducing stress is often our first piece of advice – often before we recommend a single product! These conditions often flare in tandem with our heightened emotions, you may find they worsen when you’re over-tired or stressed.

If meditation or adult colouring books aren’t for you, try some of the Pai Team’s favourite ways to wind down after a busy day:

One of my favourite ways to unwind is by walking in the grounds of Chiswick house with Toby, my three month old baby.

Alongside the fresh air and (slightly bumpy) trip in the pram helping him drift off, I find soaking in the peaceful atmosphere is one of the best ways to destress my mind.” Sarah, Pai Founder

My two stress busters are drawing and running. Drawing helps me relax and process my thoughts; there’s something about being creative that instantly lifts my mood and helps me zone out from everything else around me. No easy feat with three kids in the house!

As for running, I started after I had my second child and I’m sure it has helped keep me sane for the last 6 years! There’s no other time that I feel freer than when I’m out in the forest trudging through the mud…” Laura, Spa Business Development Manager


“The two hours a week I spend in the pottery studio are the most relaxing of my week.

Focusing on nothing other than the clay in your hands is an amazing way to switch off the mind. I always leave feeling weirdly exhausted and happy.” Flo, PR Manager

Muay Thai – or Thai Kickboxing – is my outlet. I started it a couple of years ago for fitness (it’s one of the best full-body workouts you can do), but found it just as useful as yoga for relieving stress.

Of course there’s a certain satisfaction from hitting the pads, but as a sport it has its roots in Buddhism and there’s a quiet discipline that leaves me feeling calm…and always exhausted!” Meg, Social Media Manager

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“I practice Pilates to unwind and rebalance.  I try to arrive a few minutes before the class starts so I can lie down, picture any stresses or worries in a little bubble and imagine them floating away.

It’s a small exercise that I was taught at Kaliyoga on a yoga retreat and it really works! It completely relaxes me so I can focus on my breathing, my alignment and work on building up my core strength.” Sophie, Executive Assistant to Directors

I attend a weekly local choir meeting for 2 hours. We cover everything from pop songs to songs from musicals. It’s fun, energising, works the breathing, the brain, the ears – and we make friends. As someone once said, it’d difficult to sing and be in a bad mood at the same time!” Roseline, Supply Chain Manager

How do you de-stress?

For more tips on unwinding, try our 4 Top Tips for Reducing Stress.

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