How can I get longer hair?

Ever wondered what you can do to make your hair grow that bit quicker? I know I have!

There are so many tips out there on how to fast track your way to luscious locks, so I caught up with the lovely Lorna from the Nutri-Centre to get her expert opinion on what really does work.

“To encourage hair growth I would recommend taking a Chlorella supplement, which is very rich in nutrients and iron.  

It is also important to include the natural vitamin B-complex Biotin in your diet, either in foods or as a supplement as Vitamin B is an essential hair growth vitamin. Biotin helps the body to metabolise EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) and Amino Acids – both of which are crucial to healthy hair growth.”

There are also simple tricks you can incorporate into your beauty routine, like spending a minute or two a day, massaging your scalp to help stimulate hair follicles and improve circulation.

Having regular trims is essential too – although it may seem counter-intuitive to get rid of that valuable inch! Cutting off your dry or damaged split ends is a shortcut to achieving a head of thick, glossy hair.

And lastly, don’t forget about your beauty staple – Essential Fatty Acids! They are crucial for healthy skin, nails and hair. Take internally, or try massaging oils like flaxseed into the hair for a deeply nourishing treatment.

Do you have any top tips for helping your hair grow naturally?

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