Healthy Pancake Recipe from Deliciously Ella!

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If there’s one day of the year that guarantees to bring out the little kid in me, it’s Pancake Day!

While gorging on freshly flipped pancakes may be good for the soul, the classic recipe packed with refined sugar and white flour isn’t great for the skin.

This Pancake Day I’ll be following nutritionist (and fellow pancake advocate!) Ella Woodward’s deliciously virtuous recipe:

This blend of oats, almonds and flax makes each pancake brilliantly thick with a perfectly warm, squishy middle – just like good American pancakes, while the addition of ripe banana to the batter also makes them deliciously sweet so you just need a drop of pure maple syrup!

Topped with fresh blueberries, walnut pieces, sliced banana, strawberries and a little extra maple syrup they are just divine.”

Makes 4 large pancakes:

– 1 cup of gluten free oats

– 2/3 of a cup of ground almonds

– 1 cup of water

– ¼ of a cup of ground flaxseed

– 2 ripe bananas

– 2 tablespoons of either pure maple syrup, raw honey or raw agave

– 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

– a pinch of sea salt

– coconut oil for cooking

Optional – 1 cup of blueberries

For the topping:

– 1 ripe banana

– a handful of blueberries

– a handful of strawberries

– walnut pieces

– pure maple syrup

Place the oats into a food processor, blend for about a minute or two until they form a smooth dusty flour.

Slice the bananas, adding them and the remaining ingredients (except the blueberries) into the processor with the oats – blend until a smooth mixture forms.

The mix should turn out nice and quite thick, not too runny.

Transfer the mix out of the processor and into a mixing bowl, if you’re using blueberries stir these through now.

Then place a saucepan on the heat for a minute or two, once it is really hot add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan and allow it to melt.

Once melted, add a quarter of the mix to the middle of the saucepan, using your spoon to shape it into a circle.

After about a minute check the bottom of the pancake, if it’s cooked then flip it over and allow the other side to cook for another minute.

Then remove the pancake, add another teaspoon of coconut oil and go again!

Cover the stack with maple syrup, blueberries, walnut crumbles and strawberries and serve!

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