Healthy ice-lolly recipes

When London is hot, all you can think about are ways to cool down.

While nipping to the corner shop for a Magnum is always an option, here at Pai HQ we’re always on the lookout for a DIY project.

As usual, anything that treats the taste buds and includes a few of your five a day is fine by us!

The ice-lolly is no summer news flash, but we’ve discovered some recipes that transform traditional flavours.

These super healthy ‘upgrades’ have had the Pai team clamouring for available freezer space in the office kitchen…

Smoothie Ice Lollies by Jamie Oliver

Smoothies on a stick – what’s not to love? This recipe combines ripe bananas, berries and organic apple juice with porridge oats – the grains provide a delicious enhancement to the texture.

Add honey to sweeten and you’re good to go. We love the optional serving ingredient – Jamie recommends smothering the tips of your lollies in white chocolate – moments before you’re about to dish them out.

Our verdict? It’s melt in the mouth goodness – which also tastes deliciously naughty (but in such small quantities totally isn’t!)

Creamy summer ice lollies – by Deliciously Ella

The perfect summer snack – not least because you can rustle them up in just 3 minutes, prior to popping them into the freezer to set.

Ella triumphs with this recipe that creates chocolate, banana cinnamon and strawberry lollies – and also allows the flavours to be mixed. If they aren’t cupboard staples already, stock up on raw cacao powder and coconut milk – you’re about to get addicted!

So far so healthy…

Our final summer cooler signals the need for something a little less kid friendly. Gin & tonic ice-lolly anyone?

We love this recipe from Bar Chick, which takes the traditional concoction and wraps it up into one seriously refreshing alcoholic treat. Design-wise they look good too; each lolly incorporates a tantalising cucumber garnish!

Top tip: however tempting it may be, stick to this finely tuned recipe – increasing the alcohol content will prevent your lollies from freezing!

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