Government launch Body Confidence campaign

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul – trying to find time to practice more of what she preaches…

By now regular readers of the blog will know all about Pai’s Age Confidence campaign, and our bid to present you with an alternative, affirmative approach to ageing.

For me, Age Confidence is simply the belief that beauty has no age limit.

I want to question the aspiration for “eternal youth” that typically dominates the beauty industry – an aspiration that negatively influences women’s self-image, and adds an element of shame to the inevitable signs of ageing.

I was absolutely delighted this week to find out that the government agree – and have launched their own campaign to tackle the unhealthy body images presented by the fashion and beauty industry.

The aim of the ‘Body Confidence Campaign’ is to widen the definition of beauty to include all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities. The campaign hopes to encourage conversation, and adapt our cultural landscape so that it represents individuality, rather than conformity.

As part of this campaign, the government have been working with industry bodies to help identify the ways in which we can promote more ‘realistic’ beauty ideals – the same motive that’s at the heart of Age Confidence

One of the key areas being addressed is advertising, and the ASA is supporting Body Confidence by committing to greater transparency and honesty in beauty advertising.

You can read more about the government’s ‘Body Confidence Campaign’ here and the ASA’s informative article about beauty advertising here.

For me, Body Confidence marks a huge step forward in advertising and helping to change and develop people’s attitudes towards true beauty

Together with Age Confidence, it proves it’s time something was done to help women discover healthy self-image, and celebrate their individual beauty at every size, age and shape.

What do you think? Do you support the Body Confidence campaign?

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