Good Habits from our wellbeing experts

Forget faddy diets and half-hearted resolutions – this year we’re focusing on the positive.

We asked the founders of some of our favourite wellbeing brands (and including our very own Sarah!) which easily adopted habits they think can make the most difference to your health in 2016.

Sarah Brown, founder of Pai Skincare, is keeping on top of her emails – and ditching work (and tech) a few hours before bed:

We often talk about the link between stress and skin – and I’m always looking for simple ways to minimise stress. This year I’m making a habit of keeping my inbox under control.

I’m also making a conscious effort to break the habit of working into the night. After 8.59pm, it’s a screen-free zone!”

Meryl Zises, founder of London juicery Imbibery, suggests making a habit of sneaking extra greenery into your diet for an antioxidant and immunity boost:

If you only make one dietary change in 2016, integrate a cold-pressed juice to your day! It should be one you find delicious and ideally green!”

Melanie Lawson, founder of Bare Biology supplements, suggests not making a habit of snacking – instead enjoying three hearty meals a day to the full:

Allow yourself to feel hungry; there’s really no need to be constantly snacking.

While we’re fasting (that includes between meals), our body goes into repair mode and also carries out lots of essential functions while it’s having a break from digesting food.

Aim for three good size meals a day and leave nice long gaps in between; you’ll also enjoy your food so much more because you’ll actually have a proper appetite.”

Katya Igumentseva, co-founder of Organic Burst, suggests the simple (but often overlooked) earlier bedtime to feel spritely in 2016:

To feel fresh and energised throughout the day, make it a habit to go to bed before 10.30pm.”

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