Going green with The Detox Kitchen

Earlier this week our Marketing team were invited to try out a three day detox programme from the super-food supplying Detox Kitchen.

If you haven’t heard of them before, The Detox Kitchen delivers deliciously clean food straight to your door daily.

Never ones to do things by halves, Nicola and Flo chose the Greens Package – a wheat, grain, sugar, and dairy-free plan designed to cleanse your system and kickstart a healthier regime.

Over to them to hear how they got on:


The clue may have been in the title, but my first thoughts when I opened up my daily box of food (delivered fresh every morning) was just how green everything was!

I try to eat fairly healthily in the week, but my usual diet isn’t half as vibrant as this one.

I have to admit I struggled on the first day, feeling sleepy by the early evening and a little headachy as my body adjusted.

Tracking the changes in my mood and cravings was really interesting – for example I only have one coffee in the morning and the majority of my sugar intake comes from fruit, so I was shocked at just how much I craved both.

Having salad for breakfast was a bit of a stretch for me, so on the last day I cracked and had some granola instead!

Despite my final slip, by the end of the three days, I felt much leaner and refreshed.

A couple of days on and my energy levels are high – my exercise routine has been given a new lease of life too.

It’s definitely something I’d do again when I need to break bad habits or kickstart new ones.


I have to come clean – I cheated on my detox.

I have a fairly good excuse though; I’m currently training for a half marathon and running most days (plus I have a monstrously large appetite and the will power of a gnat…).

I stuck to the allotted breakfast, lunch and dinner but snuck in the odd banana or apple and added things like roasted mushrooms to the dinner option.

The food was deliciously fresh and crunchy and I’ve picked up some great salad ideas to try out myself, which I’d have never considered otherwise – cauliflower salad? Delicious!

Like Nicola, I’m not a huge coffee drinker – I just have one cup in the morning so I was shocked to find out much I craved it!

Luckily, the mind-tingling shot of ginger juice managed to shake me out of my no-coffee reverie most mornings.

Three days down, and I’m feeling great.

Although a bit of cheating my have taken place along the way, doing the detox has made me more mindful of what I eat and made me realise there’s always space for a few more greens on my plate!

To find out more about The Detox Kitchen visit their website here, or head to their brand new, gorgeous deli on Kingly Street in Soho, London.

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