3 reasons to try a professional facial

If you have sensitive skin, professional facials can often feel like a lot of risk with potentially little reward.

However, with the right products and therapist, the occasional facial can really help to calm both skin and mind.

You’ll get to know your skin better

When you’re dealing with unpredictable skin, it can be hard to think about your skin objectively. How hard can it feel to remember your last ‘good skin day’ when you’re right in the middle of a flare-up?!

A good therapist should reassure you and be able help you assess things like hydration and congestion that inform the rest of your routine.


It’s different from your usual routine

Spa products are often more active than the versions you might have on your bathroom shelf – and most brands will use a mix of retail and more intense versions for their spa ranges.

For our Pai treatments, we specially formulated a range of professional products that gently restore unpredictable skin to its natural radiance without the use of harsh or irritating ingredients.


You won’t just see the benefit

If you already have a good skincare routine in place, you might feel the benefits of a professional facial in ways you might not expect.

While we always recommend spending a few minutes massaging in your facial oil in the evening, it can be tricky to match the feeling and depth of a professional facial massage.

A skilful facialist can incorporate specific techniques, such as acupressure and lymphatic drainage, and relive the tension we often carry in our forehead, jaw and shoulders.

Not only will you leave feeling like you’re floating, but this deep relaxation can help to lower cortisol levels over a longer period and reduce the stress that can cause skin to flare.

Feeling wary about booking a facial? Find your nearest Pai facial or follow our guide to booking spa treatments when you have sensitive skin.

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