German Consumers lead the Organic Revolution!

Perhaps not surprisingly for the country that gave us Dr Hauschka, German consumers are the greenest in Europe.

In the German personal care sector, one-third of all purchases are of natural or organic products.

The UK and France lag behind, although we’ve caught up in recent years.

The Kline Report, Natural Personal Care 2008, estimated the size of the European Naturals sector at $3 billion – up 15% on 2007.

It went on to say that consumers don’t appear to be put off paying up to a 20% premium for organic products – which reflect the higher costs of production and ingredients.

While organic food has been hit by the European economic downturn, the expectation is that the European organic personal care sector will continue to grow.

In fact, premium organic brands are actually much better value for money than luxury cosmetics – where the high retail price is set by the expensive TV marketing and not the cost of the ingredients.


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