Finding the Perfect Night-Time Skincare Routine

Overnight your skin is able to rest, restore and regenerate. So your bedtime routine should be one that nourishes your skin with actives that can improve its health and balance.

Mix, layer, alternate

After a thorough, gentle cleanse, evening is the perfect downtime to apply serums or oils. Even combination and blemish prone skin needs nourishment, so aim to use an oil 1-2 times per week.

For added hydration, layer up, alternate or add a couple of drops of oil to your favourite Pai moisturiser and don’t be afraid to mix and match! We call them day creams but, as they don’t contain SPF, they’re perfect for use in the evening too.


A Model Routine

Fitness model, blogger and personal trainer, Zanna Van Dijk, knows a thing or two about the restorative effects of a good night’s sleep and her overnight skincare routine helps to balance her combination skin to leave her complexion calm and camera-ready every morning.

Overnight I use the Perfect Balance Zinc & Copaiba Serum with a little Geranium & Thistle Cream and Echium & Argan Eye Cream.

They all hydrate my skin without overloading it – and when I wake up my skin feels nourished and balanced. The serum is fantastic to banish any blemishes overnight.

A couple of nights per week, I switch the serum for the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil to give my skin a boost. I always notice my skin feels super smooth and plump the next morning!”

For more help finding your perfect night-time routine, contact our sensitive skin experts.


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