FAQ: What’s protecting my Pai order?

Spotted something suspiciously polystyrene-like in your Pai order?

We all know polystyrene isn’t the most eco-friendly of materials. So it’s no surprise customers sometimes get in touch concerned about the pellets we use to pack Pai orders.

Although they look rather like polystyrene, our packing peanuts are actually made of non-GM corn (maize).

Known as ‘Eco-Flo’, these puffy chips are made in the UK and completely biodegradable.

They’re lightweight and shock absorbent, helping to protect your new skincare as it makes its way to you.

There’s an easy way to test if your pellets are plastic or plant. Dunk them in water! Plant starch-based pellets will start to dissolve, turning into mush that looks a bit like wet toilet paper.

They can be reused, added to your compost heap (wet or dry) or disposed of with your usual rubbish, safe in the knowledge that they’ll start to break down the next time it rains.

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