Fairtrade Fortnight: Our Shea Butter Story

Fairtrade Fornight
<is running until 7th March, and it’s a great chance to promote some of the amazing fairtrade ingredients used in skin care.

Fairtrade is all about ensuring the farmers who create and harvest these raw materials are receiving a better price for their goods and have decent working conditions.

Our Shea Butter is a great example of a sustainable, Fairtrade product being a huge success.

We source our Shea Butter from Ghana through an inspiring Women’s Project which has developed an environmentally friendly, socially equal and sustainable trade model.

This link up has allowed thousands of Ghanaian women to find a fair global market place for the vast quantities of high quality, hand crafted Shea Butter they produce.

The trade has helped the community flourish, which in turn has bolstered the community projects protecting some of the last remaining biodiversity-rich areas of the West African savannah.

It’s amazing how making one small change can have such a transformative impact on a community.

It’d be great to see everyone making more of an effort to buy Fairtrade, and I look forward to hearing about more inspiring projects over the next couple of weeks.

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