Ever thought about skincare for your underarms? VOGUE has…

Sunshine’s in sight, and with summer holidays no longer a distant dream it’s time to start paying attention to those areas of skin that have been covered up for far too long.

While we’re busy toning, tanning and moisturising our legs, arms and stomachs, the underarm is an area that is much neglected, despite many of us being conscious of their appearance.

As VOGUE beauty writer Kelly Gilbert explains,

‘Most of have had too-hot wax applied, and many dig at ingrown hairs, making them considerably worse.

Add to that the drying effects of shaving and a blast of usually chemical-laden antiperspirant, plus a dose of salty, acidic, skin-discolouring sweat – and frankly, it’s a good thing armpits aren’t on show all year.’

For even, unmarked, healthy underams to be proud of, VOGUE recommends Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate oil.

Rich in Omegas 3,6,7&9, Rosehip boosts the skin’s natural healing process, helping it to recover from shaving and waxing, and reconditioning its delicate surface.

Now all we need are the tank tops…

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