How dehydration shows up on different skin types

What to look out for…

There’s a lot of confusion between skin types and skin conditions. Skin type is how our skin behaves most of the time and is largely down to our genetic makeup.

But, a skin condition can throw your normal skin type off balance. Any number of factors can bring on a skin condition – weather, diet, stress, allergies and the wrong skincare products are some common ones.

Dehydration is a skin condition where the skin is lacking in water. So even if your skin type is oily, it can still be dehydrated.

Have a read to see what dehydration can look like on your skin.

Normal skin

If your skin is normally well balanced, it’s easier to tell when something throws it off course. So if you notice that your skin suddenly feels or looks tight and papery, or shows fine lines it’s a good indication that it’s dehydrated. You may also feel that the skin looks more sunken with dark eye circles.

Dry skin

On drier skin types you’ll find some signs of dryness and dehydration overlap, like a dull appearance. But, because dry skin tends to be quite thin, those tell-tale dehydrated horizontal lines will show up more easily and be more visible than on oilier types.

Oily skin

If your skin is on the oily side, dehydration can lead to a confusing dry/oily look and feel. This is because when your skin senses its lacking water, it produces more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture in an attempt to protect itself.

So if your skin starts to feel tight and flaky, or you see more fine lines and extra oil on the surface of your skin, it’s likely that your skin is dehydrated.

Sensitive skin

If your skin feels more sensitive than normal, or you get sudden breakouts, this could all point to dehydration. The more dehydrated the skin, the less protected it is, making it hypersensitive, redder and more irritated than usual.

Whatever your skin type, the easiest way to tell for sure if your skin is dehydrated is by doing the simple pinch test

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