Could Bee Pollen help with allergies?

Bee PollenI recently read about bee pollen on the great food blog, My New Roots.

Apparently these little golden grains are a high-energy whole food, which amazingly contain almost every nutrient the human body needs to survive.

They’re also a great source of enzymes, protein and contain all 22 amino acids – which are essential for skin health as they help repair and stimulate new cell growth.

But what really caught my eye was that they are a very rich source of Quercitin – the naturally occurring anti-histamine which I’ve used to manage my urticaria.

Quercitin is known for its ability to neutralise or reduce the body’s histamine response – a common cause of allergic reactions.

Sarah Britton, the chef and nutritionist behind My New Roots, recommends adding some bee pollen to a morning smoothie or sprinkling it over granola.

Will you be giving it a go?


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