City-dwellers age 10% quicker

Many of you will have caught the front page story gracing the Sunday papers last weekend. 

According to research conducted by Procter & Gamble, pollutants found in city air destroy proteins called keratins which help the skin to retain moisture. 

To explain in more detail…

Exposure to things like car exhaust causes free radicals to form in the body which, in turn, leads to this breakdown of keratin and a thinning of the skin barrier.

If you live in a big city like me don’t despair!  Try and boost your diet with antioxidant rich foods to help minimise free radical damage and apply a moisturiser daily to replace water loss. 

Remember, oils and balms are great for conditioning the skin but don’t hydrate it – so you need to look for the word ‘aqua’ (or water!) at the top of the ingredients list.

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