Chocolate is better for you than fruit juice

Scanning over today’s news I couldn’t help but notice that chocolate has been hailed as a new ‘super-food’.
Apparently, gram-for-gram chocolate contains more healthy plant compounds than most fruit juices.
This is something I blogged about myself a couple of years ago – glad to see those scientists are finally catching up!
Obviously these results need to be taken in their wider context. The purest chocolates are being compared to relatively impure fruit juices, in respect of only very specific nutrients.
Nonetheless, good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids and above) is full of anti-oxidants, chemically improves our moods and can even promote cardiac health.
It’s the cheaper milk and white chocolates that are the baddies, due to their high animal fat and sugar content.
It should be noted that this new research has been published by Hershey’s and so should perhaps be taken with a little pinch of refined sugar!
So if your loved one usually buys you chocolates for Valentine’s Day make sure they’re of the dark variety. That way there’s no reason to feel guilty when you munch your way through the whole box…

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