Cheat your way to five-a-day

We all know that we should be eating at least five portions of fruit and veg a day to optimise our intake of those essential Vitamins and Minerals.

In order to break the raw food tedium of apples and carrot sticks, many of us drink fruit juice as a quick and easy alternative.

According to scientists at Bangor University however, fruit juice should not count towards our five-a-day as it contains too much sugar.

The sugary taste, scientists report, sparks a psychological cycle of sweet food and drink consumption that is in fact detrimental to our health. Read the full article here.

So, with one quick fix out of the window, here are our replacement top three tips for cheating your way to your five a day:

1.    Smoothies and soups

Unleash your inner domestic goddess by whipping up some delicious smoothies and soups for a healthy meal or snack.

Not only are they simple to make but they’re also jam-packed full of those vital vitamins and minerals.

For the ultimate skin-boosting smoothie, blend strawberries, blueberries and blackberries together with some natural yoghurt and manuka honey.

All these fruits are incredibly rich in Vitamin C which promotes the production of collagen and keeps skin firm, supple and youthful.

2.    Decorate your meals with fruit and veg

Add dried or fresh fruit to your regular breakfast for effortless extra health points.

Dried raisins, dates and apricots are great in muesli, and mashed banana is (we think) pretty yummy on toast!

If your tooth is more savoury, add fresh tomatoes and mushrooms to your omelette or scrambled eggs.

3.    Take sides

Add a side salad to every meal for an easy greens hit.

Not only will this count as one of your five a day (two if you have one with lunch as well) but it will also help increase the alkalinity of your diet.

A slightly alkaline diet is thought to benefit difficult, allergic or sensitive skin.

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