Caveman skincare – genius or rubbish?

A new skincare trend is doing the rounds, and it’s seriously dividing opinions.

Caveman skincare is as primal as it sounds – it’s all about taking your skincare back to ‘caveman’ basics, so that means no products, or in the extreme cases, no water – at all!

What’s the theory? 

The idea behind caveman skincare is that by ditching products you allow your skin to ‘heal’ and ‘rebalance’ naturally, without interrupting it’s pH and oil balance with stripping or drying products.

Gross as it may sound, the basic theory behind this is actually quite sound.

Most of us use far too many products in our daily skincare regime, when in actual fact less, really is more.

This is particularly true for sensitive skins – the immediate reaction when your skin takes a turn for the worse is to throw every product you own at the situation.

However, this all-hands-on-deck approach often does more harm than good – leaving your skin out of balance as it readjusts to varying oil levels in each product.

So in one sense, taking your skincare back to basics and sticking to a Cream Cleanser, nourishing Skin Tonic and Calming Moisturiser will help your skin rebalance and recover its natural oil and pH levels.

But not washing your face for months on end? No thanks!

Pollution, dirt, sweat and grime all build up on our skin daily, and not washing it off is not only pretty gross, but can lead to irritation, blemishes and a seriously dull complexion to boot!

Every time you cleanse you are not only removing dirt and impurities but are also gently buffing skin to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

This regular exfoliation is important as it also helps prevent blemishes, by lifting away pore-blocking dead skin cells and impurities.

I won’t be jumping onto the caveman skincare bandwagon and I don’t advise that you do either! However, I will be taking a leaf out of the Neanderthal book and keeping my regime basic, even when my skin can be anything but.

Do you think caveman skincare is pretty gross or would you dare to give it a go?

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