Can sunscreen cause heat rash?

Hot weather can really make sensitive or reactive skin flare up, with heat rash and increased sensitivity often becoming an unwanted byproduct of a day spent in the sunshine.

In some cases the problem isn’t the heat itself, but in fact sunscreen you’ve applied. The reason we haven’t developed a sunscreen at Pai is because it’s so difficult to create an organic and sensitive skin-friendly SPF cream without the use of synthetic chemicals or irritating natural preservatives and stabilisers. A compromise on ingredients we’re never going to make.

Those of us with sensitive skin, as well as babies and young children are particularly prone to sunscreen heat rash allergies, especially when using waterproof sunscreen products.

So what happens if you suffer a reaction? If you haven’t done so already, we suggest you stop using the product straight away and allow your skin to calm by using a very simple skincare routine for a few days.

If you know you’re going to be out and about in bright sun, we’d recommend you try a mineral sun-block instead which although are not perfect, are a safer bet for sensitive skin types.

Failing that, a wide-brimmed hat and a sun lounger in the shade will never let you down!

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