Why stripped back skincare is best for sensitive skin

OK so imagine the scene – your super-sensitive skin is flaring up and you don’t know why. So you reach for the most “calming” product you can find, which doesn’t immediately help, so you apply another, then another, then another….

I’ve been there.

When you have unpredictable skin the huge temptation is to amass a large army of products to help you get it under control.

But most often this only throws your skin even more off-balance, and reactions may become more frequent and prolonged.

Whenever I’m asked for advice about a reaction to one or more products, the first thing I say is “give your skin a rest”.

Chopping and changing between products regularly can leave skin very confused, as it readjusts to the varying oil levels in each.

Apply too many products too often, and your skin simply can’t keep up, and may breakout, dry-out or develop a red reaction in protest.

If you do have particularly sensitive skin, allow it to rediscover its natural balance and do your best to protect this from the inside and out.

Increasing your intake of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3,6&9) can help calm and condition the skin, as they are powerful anti-inflammatories.

In terms of products, select a staple Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser that you know your skin responds well to (our Essential Collection is a good place to start!).

If you like to use extra treatment products such as Oils, Exfoliator or Masks – try and stick to 2-3 applications per week.

And as always, if you need help stripping back your skincare regime – our team of experts is on hand to help. Just email support@paiskincare.com.

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