Are Pai products gluten-free and why is this important?

One of the questions we’re repeatedly asked these days is: ‘Are Pai products gluten-free?’

It seems to be a sensitivity consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about – no surprise I suppose given Coeliac disease now affects 1 in 100 people in the UK.

While there is little scientific evidence to suggest that Coeliacs need to use gluten-free cosmetics, plenty of customers have anecdotally told us that making the switch dramatically improved their skin health.

So what exactly is Gluten and how do you know if you are intolerant to it?

Gluten is a particular type of protein found in cereals such as wheat, barley and rye.

Sufferers of Coeliac disease are unable to metabolise gluten, and this intolerance usually manifests as digestive discomfort, fatigue and weight loss.

Skin symptoms include redness, dryness, itching and rashes – although it’s worth noting that these may be due to an allergy to a specific grain rather than gluten in general.

Should you use gluten-free products if you are a Coeliac?

While it is not generally deemed necessary by the medical community, it is important to remember that any skincare products containing gluten that are applied around or near the mouth can be accidentally ingested.

Similarly, if these products are applied to damaged or broken skin, gluten may be absorbed into the bloodstream.

If you’re a Coeliac and are experiencing any skin complaints, then we’d definitely recommend switching to gluten-free products.

As we formulate with all skin sensitivities in mind, the entire Pai range is gluten-free.

If you choose gluten-free skincare then we’d love to hear from you – is it due to Coeliac disease or do you have other reasons for making the switch?

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