Our Age Confidence Cream has had a boost!

Discover the new formula and new look

Our Echium & Macadamia Age Confidence Cream is back with a new look and boosted formula. But what’s changed?

This go-to for dry and mature, sensitive skin is still formulated with premium organic ingredients, designed to protect difficult skin from the ageing effects of irritation.

Now joining the ingredient marvels of Echium and Macadamia Oil for the first time are Ectoine and Hyaluronic acid.

We’ve added these highly effective skin boosters to the silky cream to perform two simple, but important tasks – to increase moisture levels and lock them in for long-lasting dry skin relief.

As well as our super-charged new formula, we’ve updated the packaging too. Now it’s even easier to pump and apply. This not only makes it a more hygienic way to apply, but will keep the cream at its best too.

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