5 Ways to use your Chamomile Seeds

We think it’s amazing what you can do with the power of plants.

To celebrate Earth Day this Friday, we’re including a pack of Chamomile seeds with all orders placed until 22nd April for you to grow at home.

It’s one of our favourite ingredients (and where our Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream gets its incredible soothing properties) and the dried flowers have a multitude of uses.

Harvesting your Chamomile

When your chamomile flowers open, carefully harvest them close to the flower head. Gently wash the flowers and allow to drain on a tea towel.

To dry, place them in a single layer on some paper towel and leave on a sunny window sill. Turn every few days until they’re completely dry and crumbly.


Here’s 5 ways to use your flowers:

  1. Tea
    Alongside its reputation for calming the nervous system, studies have shown chamomile tea may also boost the immune system and ease menstrual and muscle cramps.Place a teaspoon or two of flowers into a mug or teapot using a tea strainer or reusable teabag and brew for 3-4 minutes.
  2. De-puff tired eyes
    Don’t throw away your homemade chamomile tea!Wrap brewed flowers in muslin or a reusable teabag and chill in the fridge for a few hours, then place over tired eyes to soothe and de-puff.
  3. Salad topping
    Add some interest to your greens!Chamomile flowers have a slightly apple-y taste and can be used raw scattered over salads.
  4. Sleep pillow
    Trouble nodding off? Chamomile flowers can be mixed with dried lavender to create a soothing, soporific scent.Pour the dried flowers into an old muslin bag (or snip a hole in an old Organic Muslin to create a pocket and stitch back up) and place beside your pillow.
  5. Make a cocktail!
    A slightly less virtuous use for this calming herb, but chamomile can also be used to whip up a seriously delicious cocktail.Try this Lemon Chamomile Spring Cocktail.

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