5 Ways to Live The Pai Life

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul.

One of the reasons I started the Pai blog back in 2009 was to document all the things I’d learned or unravelled on my own long and challenging sensitive skin journey.

The Pai Life is what I was looking for when I was trying to manage my skin; a one-stop resource covering everything from how to manage stress to the best teas for purifying the skin (it’s dandelion by the way!).

Just discovered us? Here are 5 ways to live ‘The Pai Life’:

  1. Be a savvy consumer
    The Pai Life is here to help you navigate the information overload, however it’s always good to educate yourself too; know your ingredients and look behind the pseudoscience. Arm yourself with the knowledge that makes you confident, not paranoid, about what you’re using on your skin.
  2. Know the small things can make a big difference

    This applies in all areas of life (a kind word can make someone’s day, recycling that glass bottle is one less for landfill…), but it’s a fantastic mantra to remember when it comes to skincare too.

    Oily skin with dry patches? Changing just your cleanser could be the key to getting things back in balance. Itchy for no reason? Consider switching your washing powder.

    Doing one small thing at a time makes everything less daunting – and it makes identifying your skin triggers much easier too!

  3. Look after you

    It’s an old adage, but your body really is the only place you have to live – and it’s a worthy investment!

    Whether it’s an extra serving of broccoli, the occasional run or going to bed an hour earlier once a week, being considerate to your body is a great foundation for a healthy, happy life.

  4. Relax
    Easier said than done, but in our hectic, ‘always on’ society, keeping on top of stress levels is one of the best things you can do for your health…and your skin! Whether it’s a full digital detox and a yoga retreat, or 5 minutes peace with a cup of tea, R&R can make a real difference.                                Here’s how the Pai team find their zen.
  5. Keep a balance
    In the age of “clean living,” we see so many people working themselves into a frenzy over not always eating, drinking or doing the ‘right’ thing. While it’s important to look after No.1, a few indulgences along the way aren’t going to hurt. It’s all about making informed choices. Know that glass of wine will leave you a bit flushed tomorrow? Enjoy your evening and keep a Skin Tonic handy in the fridge for the morning. Life is there to be lived after all!



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