5 ways to feel amazing over Christmas

What with the parties, mince pies, mulled wine and more mince pies – we can easily end up overindulging at this time of year.

The rich food, sugar, stress, alcohol and central heating can start to take their toll. So, here are my five top tips to keep you healthy, happy and radiant throughout the festive season!

1. Indulge (in moderation!) 

Refined sugar and alcohol are the main culprits at this time of year. Both cause inflammation within the body, which can worsen conditions such as urticaria, rosacea, acne and eczema.

Try and alternate every alcoholic drink with a glass a water, to avoid drinking too much.

I usually recommend steering clear of refined sugar as it causes so many problems for unpredictable skin, but if you can’t avoid it totally just try and limit the amount you gobble up – your skin will thank you!

2Soothe & protect

Central heating, blasting ovens and cold blowy walks can lead to stressed out, dry or imbalanced skin and it can be a real struggle to get it back under control.

Our BioAffinity Tonics are the perfect skin pick-me-up – helping to soothe, hydrate and rebalance skin. Plus, they can be spritzed over the top of makeup throughout the day creating a dewy-skinned effect.

3. Stay active

As tempting (and brilliant) as Christmas TV is, you’ll feel a million times better if you stay active over Christmas rather than remain permanently sofa-bound.

Just a refreshing walk or some gentle yoga will help to boost your serotonin levels – leaving you calmer and happier.

4. Beat the bloat

So much of the festive season is based around heavy meals which can leave us feeling full and bloated.

Nutritional coach Madeleine Shaw recommends adding a handful of alkalizing bitter salad leaves, such as watercress or rocket to your meal to help activate digestive juices, ease digestion and prevent bloating.

Following a meal with a cup of peppermint tea is also a wonderful stomach soother.

5. Have fun!

In between present buying, parties and catering for family and friends, it can be tough to remember to relax.

So do tuck into a mince pie and a drink – everything in moderation. If you do end up overdoing it once or twice, this super-simple recipe from Amelia Freer will get you back to your festive best in no time!

Merry Christmas!


(Image via: Pinterest)

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