5 Tweaks for a greener day

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the Pai office, it’s that Kermit was wrong…

It’s really quite easy being green…or, at the very least, a bit greener.

When it comes to the environment, we all can (and should) do our bit, particularly this Earth Day – but it doesn’t have to mean dramatic lifestyle changes.

Here are five easy steps to make everyday a bit greener:

  1. Shop local (and organic) 

    Eating seasonally and locally is one of the simplest ways to minimise your carbon footprint.If you don’t have a local food market, try online box or community schemes that can connect you with local farmers and producers. Our PR manager, Flo, loves Farm Drop.

    Opting for organic produce also helps reduce the impact of over-farming and pesticide use, but if it’s not feasible to make your entire weekly shop organic, try just switching the ‘Dirty Dozen’.

  2. Go digital 

    At Pai HQ we always try to think before we hit ‘print’, and it’s getting easier to avoid wasting paper out of the office too.Try buying your favourite magazine as a digital download and send greetings with an online service like Paperless Post.


  3. Embrace reusables 

    Thanks to the UK’s 5p plastic bag charge (and our new Pai Team totes, as modelled by account manager, Silje), we’re all getting a bit better at saying “no” to wasteful plastic bags.But did you know it’s thought to take a staggering 17 million barrels of oil per year to meet the demand for plastic water bottles?

    That’s just in the USA – and doesn’t account for the energy required to recycle them either. So remembering to carry a water bottle can really make a difference to the planet.

    We like silicone-coated glass and stainless steel, but if you opt for plastic, ensure it’s BPA-free.

  4. On your bike 

    We’ve embraced the office ‘Paicycle’ to cut down on short car rides when we’re in a hurry.Switching to a bike for a 10 mile round commute 5 times a week can save up to 170 gallons of fuel – and creates zero emissions.

    It’s also a great way of staying healthy. Try swapping one or two journeys a week for two wheels (or two feet) and feel the benefits!

  5. Unplug 

    Save energy by unplugging devices once they’re fully charged and switching appliances off at the wall – particularly those that tend to be constantly plugged in like microwaves, wifi routers and games consoles.But don’t forget to unplug in the literal sense too – allocate some screen-free time to get outside and enjoy nature!

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