Zanna’s Top 3 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Need some help drifting off?

Fitness model, blogger and all round health guru, Zanna Van Dijk, knows a thing or two about the importance of sleep to repair and rejuvenate the body.

Here’s her 3 top tips for getting the best night’s sleep possible:

  1. Exercise! When you’re active during the day your body has a larger requirement for rest, so by the time you hit the pillow there’s more chance you’ll be out like a light! Even a brisk 30 minute walk will help.
  2. Keep it light in the evenings. Try not to eat something heavy just before bed as it can make you feel uncomfortable and cause problems getting to sleep and staying asleep.
  3. Try to reduce screen time just before bed – which can be hard to do in our technology dependant society!

    The light given off simulates daylight, sending mixed messages to the brain. I aim to put my phone down about 20 minutes before bed.

    If you can’t detach yourself, at least make sure the brightness is turned right down in the evenings.

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