3 Reasons To Love Our BioAffinity Tonics

Our BioAffinity tonics launched five whole years ago!

To celebrate, we asked some of our favourite Pai fans how our refreshing BioAffinity Tonics fit into their routines…and jobs!


Ethical Makeup Artist and Cruelty-Free Ambassador, Justine Jenkins, loves the calming effect our Tonics have on her clients:

If there’s one thing that relaxes my clients before I start their make up, it’s a spritz of one of Pai’s BioAffinity Tonics.

Not only is it great for the skin, but it gives you a few seconds to close your eyes, forget everything that’s going on around you, and just be.”


Model and trainee Naturopath, Fran Phillips, uses our Rice Plant & Rosemary Tonic to keep her skin calm and cool – wherever she is in the world!

I love using Pai’s Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Tonic to refresh my skin when travelling.

I use it to hydrate my skin after flying or being in the sun and it’s always a part of my skincare regime – even when I’m away from home!”


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Our International Spa Training and Account Manager, Rachel, uses our Tonics to calm and refresh redness-prone skin during treatments:

Not only do they add hydration, they also contain living waters to make the tonics more active at targeting specific skin problems.

The Lotus & Orange Blossom Tonic is great for super sensitive clients because it quickly relieves redness from the skin by interacting with the skins inflammatory sensors, preventing future flare ups!”

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