25 Ways to Calmer Skin

Unpredictable skin? Follow our top 25 tips to calmer, happier and healthier skin.

  1. Switch your cleanser

    Ditch detergents, drying alcohols…and definitely those face wipes!

    Swap your cleanser for our calming Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and watch your skin become more balanced, clear and radiant.

  2. Take it back to basics

    When you’re dealing with difficult skin, it can be tempting to throw everything at the problem.

    Scale it back to a simple cleanse and moisturise routine until things calm down.

  3. Get those Zzzz’s!

    It’s easier said than done, but good quality sleep is essential for healthy skin.

    Our skin cell repair and regeneration process almost doubles in speed while we sleep and shut eye also helps to regulate stress levels.

  4. Try an EFA supplement

    Essential fatty acids are powerful anti-inflammatories and can also help to balance hormones – a must have for anyone suffering from blemishes, hormonal acne, urticaria or eczema.

  5. Keep a diary

    Tracking products, food, exercise and skin changes in a diary is one of the easiest way to spot patterns in breakouts and flare ups.

  6. Don’t shy away from exfoliation

    Gentle, regular exfoliation supports skin cell turn over to lift away dead surface cells and reveal the fresh, healthy skin beneath.

    Our Kukui & Jojoba Skin Brightening Exfoliator offers expert exfoliation with zero irritation – so even sensitive complexions can benefit.

  7. Stop the ‘chop and change’

    Unless it’s causing irritation, try to give your skin time to adjust to new products for 2-4 weeks before moving on to something else.

  8. Skip synthetics

    Common synthetic ingredients, such as Phenoxyethanol, can be triggers for sensitive skin conditions such as Eczema and Contact Dermatitis.

  9. …but watch out for irritating natural ingredients too

    When used in high concentrations, even natural ingredients like essential oils can irritate sensitive skin.

    We also take a precautionary approach to so called ‘natural parabens’ including Japanese Honeysuckle.

  10. Flip your pillowcase

    Changing your pillowcase regularly (and flipping it over in between) can help to minimise bacteria and reduce breakouts.

  11. Find time to breathe

    Managing stress is a powerful tool in keeping sensitive skin under control.

    Take regular breaks and try mindfulness, yoga or even a quick stroll around a park.

  12. Embrace facial massage

    Facial massage can aid lymph drainage and help to keep skin bright and firm without the need for lots of products.

    Be sure to keep it gentle and not too stimulating.

  13. Clean up phones and makeup brushes

    Unexplained breakouts on your cheeks? The culprit could be bacteria or build up on your mobile phone screen or makeup brushes.

    Give them a clean every few days.

  14. Don’t skip moisturiser

    Even oily skin can be prone to dehydration. Stick to a light Moisturiser like our Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream and apply daily.

    You might just find your skin becomes more balanced over time.

  15. Lower refined sugars and dairy

    Some studies have linked high GI food to flare ups of inflammatory skin conditions, including Acne.

    Try opting for lower GI options and track any changes in your diary.

  16. Find your pH balance

    Maintaining the skin’s ‘acid mantle’ is essential for all round skin health, so try to avoid products that disrupt it (soaps, for example are alkaline).

  17. Stay hydrated

    Staying hydrated on the inside helps the body’s natural processes – including skin health. Aim for 1.5 litres a day.

  18. Look after you

    Try to do one thing a day that makes you happy, whether it’s an uninterrupted bath, back to back episodes on Netflix or an occasional glass of red wine.

    It’s all about balance!

  19. Turn down the thermostat

    Keep baths and showers warm (not hot) and consider turning down the thermostat to avoid drying out or irritating sensitive skin.

  20. Resist the urge to scratch or pick

    When dealing with blemishes or itchy skin, the urge to itch or prod can seem unbearable – but only irritates and damages the skin further, making it more prone to infection and inflammation.

  21. Embrace anti-inflammatories

    Look to natural anti-inflammatories to restore comfort and balance.

    Superior CO2 extracts of German Chamomile and Rosehip in our Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream deliver the maximum anti-inflammatory effect of both super-calming ingredients.

  22. Don’t get disheartened

    Getting your skin back on the path to calm and healthy is a journey – and, we know from experience, not always a straightforward one!

    Try not to let setbacks dishearten you and concentrate on skin confidence, not perfection.

  23. Change your washing powder

    Unexplained flare up of dry, itchy skin? Your laundry detergent might be the culprit.

    Choose a liquid over a powder, opt for non-biological and try using half the recommended dose.

  24. Feed your skin

    Oils are nothing to fear! The right Facial Oil will feed your skin with essential nutrients, like Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 – helping to condition and regenerate.

  25. Ask us!

    We know that feeling of not knowing where to turn when your skin goes awry.

    We have a brilliant team of understanding and knowledgable Customer Experience agents on hand to answer all of your questions and offer advice that goes beyond just products.

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