What exactly is a Serum?

And how is it different to other products?

What makes a serum, a serum?

Serums are our most targeted, active and results-driven products, and have been created as specific solutions for skin prone to dehydration, redness or blemishes.

Serum -vs- Moisturiser

More lightweight and liquid than a moisturiser, serums contain highly-concentrated active ingredients whose molecules are much smaller than those in a cream or lotion – so the formula can deliver those high-performance ingredients much further into the skin.

Moisturisers are thicker and creamier than serums and usually contain a higher concentration of oils, which tend to work on the surface of the skin preventing water loss. In order to address a difficult skin concern, we recommend using your moisturiser as well as a quality serum.

How to they slot into my own skin care routine?

Apply your serum at night to dry skin after cleanser or toner, but before moisturiser or sunscreen. Think of them like taking a dose of really nourishing supplements with your meal – feeding the skin any essential nutrients it may be lacking.

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