Our top tips to calm your child’s skin

Petit Pai is expertly formulated using only the most gentle and pure ingredients to deliver instant relief to troubled skin, but here are some steps you can take to help keep your child’s skin calm and happy.


Don’t make a splash

When babies are born, their skin has a higher pH to that of adults, which takes a little time to adjust, so avoid bathing your baby for the first week or so.

When you start washing your baby, keep baths short and sweet and avoid products containing harsh detergents that may irritate or imbalance their developing skin.


Keep an eye out for common triggers

Common additives, including detergents and fragrance in personal care and laundry products, can trigger flare-ups in delicate young skin.

Look for unscented non-biological washing powders and try using half the recommended amount.

Soothe and protect

While the skin’s protective layer (known as the acid mantle) is developing during the first year, your child’s skin needs extra protection.

Regular use of a balanced Face & Body Cream will help to soothe the skin and protect against further irritation.

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