Winter ages eyes by five years

Sarah Brown is the founder of Pai Skincare. Entrepreneur, mum and sensitive-skinned soul – trying to find time to practice more of what she preaches…

A new study claims winter ages a woman’s eyes by four years and eight months, the Daily Mail reports today.

After studying the eyes of 5000 women throughout the seasons, researchers found that bags were significantly puffier and darker in the Winter months.

This is apparently due to the fact that less sunlight means paler skin, emphasising dark circles.

Fatigue and lethargy resulting from lower levels of Vitamin D and Serotonin, the “happy hormone”, are responsible for the puffiness.

I’m not sure where the specific figure of four years and eight months comes from, but if true it’s certainly enough to make you want to go into hibernation!

What do you think? Do the stats seem far-fetched, or are your eyes noticeably ‘older’ in winter?

If they are then try keeping your Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream in the fridge for an instant de-puffing effect.

Cutting down your intake of salt may also help, as this can contribute to water retention.

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